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“Working at First Miami gave me real world experience in the financial services industry while at school. Specifically, I thoroughly enjoyed working in the Financial Education department because not only was I able to learn a significant amount, but I was able to help my fellow students understand important personal finance concepts such as credit scores, credit cards, and student loans”

John Budig (’11), Goldman Sachs


“In my interviews, I was able to distinguish myself from the other candidates by elaborating on my experiences at First Miami Credit Union. My leadership positions and knowledge of the banking industry was unique, providing me with the ability to easily relate to my interviewers on a professional level. I attribute much of my success in the job market to the hands-on training I received at First Miami.”

Kelby Wyse (‘07), National City Bank


“At First Miami I was VP of Marketing and President. Having First Miami on my resume to this DAY gets me interviews. I have been interviewing for Tax Counsel positions at all of the Big 4 accounting firms and they all have asked about my experience at First Miami. They cannot believe I worked for a $1.5 million business while in school.”

Sarah Sheldon (’03), Sempra Energy


“Regardless of the fact that my days at the CU were some of my best and the friends I made there I’ll have forever, I found it to be a fantastic learning experience. During my time with the CU and more specifically as VP of HR, I felt I was able to put my classroom knowledge into action immediately and gain invaluable real-world experience while still in school. After graduation when I was interviewing around, everyone was impressed with my experience and the amount of work that when into not only being a teller and supervisor, but VP of HR as well. Without a doubt, the experience I gained at the CU helped me to earn my position at Kirkland. It also helped me in deciding what my future career path might be.”

Nicole Pessolano (’03), Kirkland & Ellis LLP


“My time with First Miami gave me the edge in getting my first internship. When employers realize that what you are doing is already in the ‘real world’ you can leverage that opportunity into even greater ones. Without my internship at First Miami, I don’t know where I would be right now.”

Doug Brackman (‘07), Western Reserve Partners L.L.C.


“The Credit Union gave me real world experience that I could use to talk about in a job interview. Specifically when I was asked, ‘tell me of a time you had a problem and how you resolved it.’ I learned leadership skills, budgeting skills, and fiscal responsibility.”

David DiCosola (’06), Google


“First Miami offers a unique way to build your resume while attending classes during the year. Most employers do not view First Miami as simply a ‘student organization’ but rather as an internship in the real world.”

Matt Turk (’05), Bank of America Securities

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