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Financial Education


At First Miami, we have created a financial education program to educate our members toward financial understanding. We hope that our members will benefit from continued financial education by learning money management techniques that will better their future. We at First Miami created this program for the specific purpose of helping our members grow financially through education.

Students for Good Credit is a program sponsored by First Miami that provides financial education seminars to various organizations, primarily focusing on understanding, building and maintaining strong credit and the basics of everyday financial matters. These seminars are presented by students, for students, to enhance the knowledge of students entering into financial independence.


Take a look at some of the educational materials created by Students for Good Credit on our Financial Education 101 page!

There are few sites that are published by reputable third parties that provide in-depth lessons on financial education topics. We encourage our members to review any or all of the following sites in order to learn more about financial education.

Credit Union National Association

CUNA (Credit Union National Association) manages a site called Guides to Independence, which provides short lessons on different money management topics.

FINRA Education Foundation

The FINRA Education Foundation has also developed an in-depth, interactive website for young adults to reference for financial education resources.

Dr. Mark Oleson

Dr. Mark Oleson from the University of Missouri is an Accredited Financial Counselor that posts weekly tips geared toward young adults. Currently over 65,000 subscribe to his weekly tip received through email. We recommend you sign up as well at http://financialtip.blogspot.com/.

Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi is a recent graduate from Stanford who has spoken at multiple engagements on personal finance and entrepreneurship. He has also recently authored a book titled I’ll Teach You to be Rich. Ramit’s blog is usually straight to the point and focused on young adults and college students.

For more information regarding our programming please contact our Vice President of Financial Education, at firstmiami@muohio.edu

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